Medical Fundraising


About the cause: health

Proper nutrition and quality primary healthcare are essential for a child’s physical, mental and cognitive development. Our health and nutrition programs adopt a preventative and responsive approach to reducing malnourishment as well as India’s infant mortality rate (IMR), child mortality rate (CMR), and the maternal mortality rate (MMR).

2.4 million Indians die of treatable conditions every year! Healthcare is a luxury which inaccessible to the poor. Health cannot be a privilege. Donate to help underprivileged people with their health. Support them with access to medical help like pediatric care, maternal healthcare, gynecology care, dental care, chemotherapy, and counseling. Give them a chance to fight their illnesses.

Online Medical crowdfunding is an alternative method for individuals and organisations to generate funds required for costly medical treatments like open-heart surgeries, NICU care, bone marrow transplant, cancer treatments and any other disease


70% of India's poor cancer patients lose their lives due to late detection of which 15% are children. Cancer survival depends on early diagnosis and access to medical treatment which poor cancer patients cannot afford. Donate to patients suffering from cancer so that they can receive access to medical support like chemotherapy, radiation, and quality nutrition. Give them a chance to fight. You can start an individual cancer fundraising campaign or begin raising funds for a nonprofit that serves individuals affected by cancer.

You can start a cancer crowdfunding campaign for free on Tycpool & raise funds to pay for your or a close relative and friends cancer treatments and cancer-related medical bills.

Pediatric Care

Tycpool ensures that getting life-saving treatment today shouldn't affect the security of your financial future tomorrow. In india 67 million Indian children under the age of 5 lack access to affordable healthcare. 66% of the poorest children in India receive no or minimal healthcare. Many children die of treatable conditions every year. Many suffer silently unable to afford treatments. Donate to children in need and help them with treatment, medicines, hospital expenses, and nutritious food to help them with a chance at life.

Mental Health

17-25% of adolescents suffer from depression and anxiety in India which has increased exponentially during the pandemic. 7% of Indians suffer from mental health disorders. The poor who experience debt, hunger, poverty, and hopelessness are more likely to suffer from mental disorders and cannot afford medical help. This is a vicious cycle. Donate to the aid of poor patients suffering from mental disorders so that they can get therapy, and care and find a way to live a normal life. Tycpool help to raise funds and keep the good work going and at the same time will also create awareness about this ‘taboo’ that many have created. Tycpool stands for health for all and considers both physical and mental health to be equally important.

Extreme Need

Crowdfunding is an easy and effective way to raise money to cover the cost of expensive medical treatments and unexpected health emergencies. Those in extreme need are usually socially excluded and face a lack of basic necessitates for reasons like living in underserved areas or the social stigma of being affected with an incurable illness. Donate to those in extreme need and help them with resources like food, medical care, livelihood resources, sanitation, education, etc. to enable them to lead a normal life. Medical emergencies always come unannounced. But funding hefty hospital bills to treat critical illnesses like cancer, organ failure has never been this easy, all thanks to online crowdfunding platforms like ours!

Under Funded

Tycpol donate to underfunded programs that are doing great work to provide the poor with necessities like food, shelter, education, senior care, and healthcare. These nonprofits are struggling to continue to help people as they are not receiving the necessary support. Help them with their efforts with your donations.

A free crowdfunding platform where individuals and organizations can raise funds to support an NGO or to afford hospital bills to cope with a medical crisis. One-time donations can be made to any active fundraisers on the platform.